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Run Sheets. Print Invoices + Con Notes + Wave Pick Labels In sequence of the run.

At the moment when generating runs, our customers has invoices uploaded, and their sales orders are parsed.  This is nice and simple, yet when I actually set the run up.  I need to print the Con Note & The Invoice + the wave pick labels for each run.

This should be able to be done in the Run Sheet simply, however I can print the Con Note, and The Invoices separately, but then I have to collate all the drops with their invoices.  It is painful, and time consuming, and I don't understand why it cant be printed from the system collated for each drop.

Combined with this, we also use wave pick labels.  Each carton gets a label to ensure traceability for the end client, and eliminates most of our pick errors as its another check and balance for when the stock is loaded.  However to print wave pick labels for each run, I need to then generate a seperate wave pick, and manually find the orders for that run.

I dream of when I set up a run, press a button and it prints my wave pick labels for that run, prints the con notes and invoices collated for each drop.  And prints them all in sequence to avoid sorting each of the runs.

This feature would save at least an hour of staff time each day.

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  • Jan 30 2019
  • Future consideration
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