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Spaces to autopopulate based on conversions

Would be great if you could autopopulate "spaces" for stock.

ie 9 kegs to pallet, 3 pallets to a space etc.

Would help with organising/charging line haul freight/pallet off work as typically requested and charged per space rather than per pallet. 


- Would need to round up so if you had 4 pallets @ 3 per space it would populate 2 spaces rather than 1.33

- Would need to be cross product so if you had 2 pallets of draught and 4 pallets of lager it still populated 2 spaces rather than 3.

- Would need to have some sort of calculation based on dimensions of product as to whether pallets of different product type can be stacked on each other to condense into 1 space.

- Anything without a space conversion to be assumed 1 pallet = 1 space

- Would also allow oversize pallets to be assigned appropriate spaces ie a 2.7L x 1.2W pallet to take up 3 spaces, a 2.4L x 1.8W pallet to take up 4 spaces etc.

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  • Nov 26 2019
  • Future consideration
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