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Ability to use Group locations with Per Location (and bulk location)

The ability to have a set of locations labeled as a Shelf or Group with a set charge and then the racking to work off the Per Location (and bulk location)

This will help our tenants who don't have the luxury of space and the ability to be able to manage stock on a location basis. Also allows us to keep the functionality of charging against Product Type.

The current work around for this is to change all products to charge on Per Location, and group the locations for shelf together. To then manage the racking locations you would need to change all warehouse locations from Single Pallet Locations to Multiple Pallet Locations (This will allow the merging of pallet IDs) This would mean that you would have to manually manage the conversions for charging. Example if you have a pallet with the conversion 100 and you put 200 into a location you would need to split them on the Purchase Order as 2 pallets. If you then had 60 in one location and you brought in 20 via a PO into that location. You would then have to go and merge the Pallet ID of the 20 with the 60 so the system charges 1 pallet. If another 21 comes in then it's up to you whether you merge all 21 so it's one pallet charge or charge 1 pallet at 100 qty and a second pallet at 1 qty. Then for Sales Orders we would need to select the smallest Pallet quantity from each racking location first otherwise after a Sales Order we would need to go in the location and merge the pallet IDs within the conversion

This work around then involves a heavy amount of Admin work and relies on the Tenant to manage stock levels very closely on a daily basis. Taking away from the ease and automation of the software.

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  • Aug 25 2022
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