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We receive an excel spreadsheet from one supplier. It can be several pages long. Historically we have entered all the details manually then completed the steps to allocation. A major problem with allocation is that the list is not in the same order as the input list which means actually verifying is an impossible task so it is just a case of assigning the same location to every single line - very tiresome.

We have now written a macro to massage the client spreadsheet into the format needed by a file parser. Each parser offered had one thing that would not work (eg. Custom field Batch Number) until we used Stock Import Parser as suggested by support. This worked great until we had to add these to an invoice - they do not add.

We are now having to go back to an earlier option and manually assign the Location to every item individually.


Please can we have an import that uses the Location in the file and auto allocates but also will attach to an invoice.

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  • Apr 11 2019
  • Future consideration
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